Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (7)


I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday and found a few things I want to share with you.

1. Extra Sweet Watermelon Gum. I always grab the gum at the Dollar Tree. This one has 20 pieces. I like the flavor too.

2. Gillette Venus Olay Shaving Gel in Vanilla Cashmere. I saw some YouTubers haul this item and found it myself. I really like it. It's a full size product and smells great. They have other scents as well but this was the only one available at my store. It comes out in gel but turns into cream kind of texture. Definitely recommend to pick it up if you find it.

3. Furlani Texas Garlic Toast. I love it. It was really good. It comes with 6 slices in a pack. Good deal and delicious.

4. Scissors. I was in need of these. They are kind of flimsy, not the best to cut anything very thick or hard but works pretty well overall.

5. Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy. I hauled toasted coconut ones before and thought I would try these. Tastes really good. Reminds me a lot of M&M's. Definitely recommend.

6. Chex Mix Savory Traditional Snack Mix. They had various flavors of these in my store. Great snack. Recommend picking these up.

7. Chex Mix Sweet & Salty Honey Nut Snack Mix. This is another flavor I wanted to try out. Haven't tasted it yet but I think it will be delicious.

8. Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices Original Flavors. I love these. My staple item during the summer. 

Until next DT haul.


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