Friday, August 4, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (8)


Yet another one of my Dollar Tree hauls. These I purchased this past weekend and didn't have a chance to post until now. 

1. Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices (Original Flavors). Repeat buy. I love these for the summer days. Definitely recommend.

2. Betty Crocker Welch's Oatmeal Bar Grape Mix. I bought these thinking they were oatmeal bars but later noticed it is a mix. I haven't made it yet but will definitely try it out. A great buy.

3. Golden Foods Honey Nut Toasted Oats. I would not recommend this. I didn't like it as it felt stale and artificial.

4. Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Tuscan Grains. I haven't tried it yet but it looks great. They had other kinds of salads there as well. It's a pretty good deal.

5. Mrs. Freshley's Delicious Deals Chocolate Chip Cremes. These are not very healthy but super delicious. Definitely satisfies sweet tooth.

6. Eden's Kitchen Peach Halves in Light Syrup. I love these as a sweet snack. Really delicious and you get a huge can for a buck.

7. E-Circuit Cell Phone Cases (fit iPhone SE, 5 and 5s). I love that Dollar Tree carries these phone cases. I would definitely recommend the silicone ones (2nd and 3rd in the picture) but not the hard plastic ones (1st in the picture) as they do not seem to fit the phone and might scratch your phone while trying to put it on. The other two are amazing. Seems to be pretty heavy duty and fits perfectly. They come in different patterns and colors.

8. Daily Defense Deep Conditioner with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. I have been looking for this particular product at the DT. I love another hair mask I purchased there and this one is great too. Makes my hair soft and easy to brush. Just don't put too much and make sure you wash it off well as it can make your hair heavy/greasy like. Smells amazing and controls frizz. I use it every time I wash my hair. Sulfate and cruelty free, which is a plus.

9. Special Moments Photo Frame (4x6). I got this because of the yellow outline inside the frame as it would match the decor in one of my rooms. I am not a huge fan of DT picture frames as they can break easy but this one seems pretty sturdy.

10. The Home Store Tissues (175). It's a pretty good deal. Not as thick and soft as more expensive tissues but works when you need them.

11. Assured Panty Liners (40). I repurchase these all the time. Great for a dollar.

12. Nature's Measure Women's Daily Vitamins (30). I don't know if this is just in my head but these are the only vitamins I tried that make a difference. The tablets are small and easy to swallow, just 1 per day.

13. Garden Collections Metal Hanging Plant Brackets. I did a small and easy DIY project with these which I will share soon.


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