Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (6)


Here is yet another DT haul. This one is from the last 2 trips to the store. 

1. Hanover Brown Sugar & Bacon Baked Beans. These ones were really tasty. A pretty good deal as well.

2. Nutty Naturals Rain Forest trail mix. I usually pick these up. Great if you are looking for a low sodium snack.

3. Sherwood Nut Clusters (peanut, sunflower, pumpkin seed and cranberries). I love these. Fills you up and tastes great.

4. Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Brownie Bars with Caramel. I have never seen these before but I decided to try them and it was a score. Definitely satisfies my sweet tooth.

5. Quaker Caramel Nut Chewy Dipps. This is a repurchase. I love taking these to work for a snack or just have them as a treat. Happy to find brand names at the Dollar Tree. Not very healthy but better than chocolate candy bar, I suppose. :D

More food items:

1. Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices (Original Flavors). I love these during the summer time. Great way to cool off when it's hot.

2. Snyder's Bowties Crispy Baked Pretzels (Original). I've seen people haul these and thought I would try them. I love them with hummus and it's a pretty good deal.

3. Premium Hunt's Pasta Sauce (Garlic and Herb). Usually I get my pasta sauce from Aldi's but I wanted to try this out.

1. Aluminum Foil. I grabbed this since I was out of it. Might not be very sturdy but works when I need it.

2. Fabuloso Multi Purpose Cleaner (Passion of Fruits). It smells really good, mostly like apples. I got this to clean the floor. I don't think it leaves the scent for a very long time once it dries. I was happy it had 30% more of product.

3. Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I have never seen this in the store before so I thought I would try it out.

4. Nail Guard Sponges. I always buy these. They come in a six pack. They don't last a very long time but I like to replace them often anyways. 

5. Dog Toy. Had to get this one for my puppy. He loved it as usual. These kind of Dollar Tree toys don't last a very long time for my dog but he enjoys them to the fullest.

6. Nature's Best Flea and Tick shampoo. I got this as an addition to the drops I use to prevent fleas and ticks. It is made from natural ingredients which I really like. Smells nice but doesn't stay on for a long time. It foams up pretty good.

1. I got this "piggy bank" frame to store bunch of pennies I accumulated. It is not heavy duty but will work if you are careful with it. Check when you pick because some of them might be better than others.

2. Wall Art. I will hang this one in my dining room. I thought it was really cute for a dollar.

3. Nature's Measure Women's Daily Vitamins. I love these vitamins. I believe these are the ones that actually work for me. They last for a month and come in small pills that are easy to swallow. 

4. Glade Matcha Garden Spray. I wanted to try since I saw some people haul this spray. It smells like green tea and aloe. It's fresh and so far I like it.

Done for now. Until next one...


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