Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (5)


Another one of Dollar Tree hauls is here. I went there today and found some goodies you might want to pick up too.

Here are some food items:

1. Trident Splash Strawberry w/ Lime gum (15 pieces). I thought I would try this one. I like to switch out gum flavors and looks like this one is gonna be yummy. 

2. Sun Maid Oatmeal Raisin Apple Bite Size Premium Cookies. I saw someone haul these on YouTube and decided to grab them. They are pretty good, not too sweet but satisfied by sweet tooth. I wish they were more chewy than hard but overall - pretty good. 

3. Nutty Naturals Rain Forest trail mix. I always try to pick these up since they are low in sodium. This makes a tasty and pretty healthy snack.

4. Red Bird Assorted Candy Puffs. I love these. I was excited to see this bonus size bag in different flavors. 

5. Old Orchard Healthy Balance Pomegranate Blueberry Acai juice. This drink tastes really good and I like that it's reduced in sugar. 

6. Chef Ernesto Veggie Burgers. These are potato based veggie burgers I thought I would try. They taste pretty good and great for quick meal.

On to the outdoor/grilling stuff:

1. Cooking Concepts Silicone Basting Brush. I had to grab one of these since I didn't have it.

2. Bamboo Windchime. I hung this on my porch and it looks pretty cute.

3. Windchime. This one is really cute. I love the bicycle and couldn't pass it. This replaced the other windchime I had for years.  

4. Cooking Concepts Corn Holders. I thought these will come in handy while eating corn since it can be pretty messy. You get 4 pairs for a dollar.

5. Latex Grip Gloves. I got these in purple. They are not the best quality but I needed a new pair since other ripped. 

Some hygiene products and pillowcases:

 1. Assured Oral Health Rinse in Fresh Mint. This one tastes really good. Alcohol free and has active ingredient. 

2. Salon Selectives Moisture Renewal Shampoo. I love the hair mask from this brand so I thought I would try their shampoo. It has 15% bonus and is cruelty free. 

3. Miss Spa Bath & Shower Gel in Pomegranate and Mango. I saw a lot of people haul this. I think it retails for more than a dollar. Smells really good. I was glad to see it's a woman owned brand.

4. Luxury Home Pillowcases. You get 2 pillowcases for a dollar which is a pretty good deal. They had many different prints but this kind of matched my bedding. The material feels pretty good so I definitely recommend you picking these up. 

5. Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste. That's my staple buy at the Dollar Tree. 

That's it for now. Let me know what you got at the Dollar Tree recently and until next haul!


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