Tuesday, June 13, 2017



I am extremely passionate about pet adoption and I thought it would be great to spread the word about it.

I have two fur babies of my own, a cat and a dog.

I adopted my cat Bonita from SPCA (her previous owner surrendered her to the shelter) almost 4 years ago after my first cat Ruta passed away. I was devastated and Bonz (that's how I usually call Bonita :D) helped me to go through it. She is around 7 years old and has plenty of tortitude. Bonz is by my side most of the time and loves her playtime. We were definitely meant for each other.

A few months ago I also rescued my dog Otas from the local animal shelter where he came in as a stray. He is probably a little over a year old. I have wanted the dog for a while and there was no doubt it's going to be a pit bull. There are so many of them in the shelters and it's sad that so often they are being stereotyped and neglected. Otto the hippo (another way I often call him :D) is very energetic, goofy, stubborn and many other adjectives I could use to describe his colorful personality. Otas is a lot to handle but one thing I am certain - he is with me for life.

Click here to check out my Instagram page where I share their pictures.

I can't stress enough how important it is to adopt instead of buying. It doesn't only make you a better person, but also gives another chance for an animal in need. If you are looking for a furry family member, please consider a rescue.


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