Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (4)


Here are my latest finds from the Dollar Tree.

1. White ceramic dispenser. I use this for the hand soap in the kitchen. I have never seen this kind of dispenser at the DT. It can be a little difficult to pour some soap in there since the opening is pretty narrow, but it's manageable. Pump works good so far and it looks really nice by the sink.

2. Reach Essentials Anti-Plaque Oral Rinse in Refreshing Mint. I haven't seen this purple version of Reach mouthwash before. It has an active ingredient, which I am always looking for and tastes good.

3. Little Secrets Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate. This is my jam. I love these candies. They remind me of M&M's. Definitely recommend these.

4. Greenbrier Kennel Club Dog Biscuits in Basted Beef Flavor. My dog loves these. They offer a variety of them in different flavors. These, in particular, are bigger size bones out of the ones of this kind I've bought before.

5. Uno Dog Rib Bones. I buy these bones for my dog all the time. They last pretty long and my dog loves chewing on them. This is a great alternative for rawhide which I heard is not that good for dogs.

6. Extra Classic Bubble Gum. I always try to pick up my gum at the Dollar Tree. It seems to be a slightly better deal than anywhere else.

7. Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish in Dorothy. I was excited to see this one since they usually don't carry these. I needed only one layer of it and the color is amazing. The brush is really big and wide which I like. The tip of it is square and not oval so it can be a little hard to paint your nails near the cuticles. Hopefully it lasts.

8. Essentials Lint Roller. It's one of my essential products I pick up at the DT. It was a bonus pack where you also get a travel lint roller.

9. Snacken Bone Beef Marrow Rings. I love getting these to keep my dog busy. They last a pretty long time and is better than rawhide.

That's it for now. Let me know what you picked up from the Dollar Tree lately in the comment section below, I would love to know.



  1. not to be "Debby Downer" but I would never, ever buy my dog anything edible from the Dollar Store (unless it was a brand that I was familiar with), be sure to check ingredients and where the items are made. If they are NOT made in the U.S.A. I would steer clear of them.............just my two cents worth.