Friday, March 28, 2014

Kelly Howell - "Relieve Anxiety"


Recently I've been feeling kind of tense and stressed out. I often would find myself worrying about not so important things in life and experience some symptoms of anxiety. 

This particular audio book caught my attention. It's by Kelly Howell and is called "Relieve Anxiety". One CD includes two 30 minute tracks. I was expecting someone to be talking and when I turned it on for the first time, I was disappointed. However, I decided to read the description one more time and realized it was brain wave therapy. I started listening to it again and really liked it. Basically what you hear is ocean and theta waves. You can also hear some kind of whispering in the background, which is known as subliminal messages. 

I was listening to this audio book while laying down with my headphones just before going to sleep. I felt relaxed and sleepy during it and found out that it is easy to fall asleep and start dreaming while listening to it. Overall, I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend!


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