Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chili Soup


I wanted to share with you my own recipe of chili soup which I've been making for a while now. It's extremely delicious and easy to make.

You'll need: 
ground turkey (1 lb.)
tomato paste (6 oz. can)
kidney beans (15.5 oz. can)
black beans (15.5 oz. can)
onion (half of medium onion)
pepper (1 medium pepper)
chili powder (1/4 cup)
crushed red pepper (1/2 tsp.)
black pepper (1/2 tsp.)
parsley flakes (1/2 tsp.)
italian seasoning (1/2 tsp.)
paprika (1/2 tsp.)
ground cinnamon (1/2 tsp.)
seasoned salt (1 tsp.)
water (3 cups)

First, brown your meat. In my case, I used ground turkey.

Saute vegetables. You can put whatever you think is going to taste good in this soup. I put half of onion, half of yellow pepper and half of red pepper.

Pour kidney and black beans into a pot where you will be cooking the chili (do not drain them). Add the tomato paste, cooked meat and sauteed vegetables. Pour 3 cups of water. Add chili powder, crushed red pepper, black pepper, parsley flakes, italian seasoning, paprika, cinnamon and seasoned salt. Mix it all, turn on the heat and simmer for at least 30 minutes.

You can serve it with some cheese on top.



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