Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rose Water


Recently I came along this great idea of how to make rose water. 

It is known to be very beneficial for your face, hair and body as well as other unique things you can use it for. 

Since I had some roses from Valentine's Day, I thought I could use one of them for this DIY project.

You will need: 1 rose (equals 1 cup of petals) and 2 cups of water.

Rinse rose petals. Put them in the pot and pour the water. Turn on the heat. Simmer until the petals loose their color (took me about 15 mins). Strain the petals and now you have rose water. Let it cool.

I put it in the spray bottle and decorated it with the bow.

It's a great way to pamper yourself without spending lots of money. It can also be an amazing and unique gift for someone else.


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