Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dollar Tree Reviews (1)


Sometimes I come along these great Dollar Tree items. 

I thought it would be cool to let people know about them. 

The first product which I love is this Sea Breeze facial lotion. Usually I don't get anything like that in Dollar Tree, simply because it's cheap and you never know if it will do any good for you. However, I decided to grab this item and I love it. 

It is very nice creamy consistency but feels light on your skin at the same time. It absorbs fast and keeps the skin moisturized. The lotion also has a pleasant, fresh smell. The tube is pretty big so it's going to last a pretty long time.

I definitely recommend it for everyone who is looking for great facial lotion without spending lots of money.

As good as it works for me, it might work differently for you. Make sure you carefully try it before you start using it on a daily basis to see if it fits your skin type.


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