Friday, April 25, 2014

What Shoes Would You Choose?*


I wanted to share with you this website called!

This time I would like to explore their shoe selection. They have some great options including pumps & heels, sandals, platforms, wedges, flats, boots and sneakers.

Here I will show you some of my favorites.

Pumps & Heels

These are amazing. Definitely an eye catcher. What I love the most about these heels is the color. What is more, pointy toe seems to be perfect for it. The heel is delicate and would look very feminine. The perfect mix of classical and modern. Click here to explore more.


I love these shoes. They are extremely dressy and definitely play as the main accent of the outfit. Shimmering straps give that fancy look and golden platform do not overwhelm the shoe. The zipper in the back adds that extra kick. The color is amazing. Click here to explore more.


I adore these nude platforms. I like how chunky the front is and the heel is not too skinny. They look perfectly balanced. The heel is average and would not be too hard to walk in. The color would help to elongate the legs. Simply elegant. Click here to explore more.


Finally some color! I really like these wedges. They look extremely comfortable since the platform is pretty thick. The straps are not too complicated and simplistic. I love the little slit in the platform. The color is beautiful - one of my favorites. Click here to explore more.


I really liked the simplicity of these shoes. I love how they would cover most of your feet. Perfect for the weather when it's not too cold but not too warm at the same time. Brown strap with the buckle makes these shoes interesting and unique. Click here to explore more.


These kind of shoes are definitely on my wish list. Most of the rain boots look chunky. However, these are perfect. The stitching and metal detail at the top add the regular boot feel to it. They will look amazing and your feet won't get soaked. I am drooling over these. Click here to explore more.


I don't wear sneakers unless there is a need to, but I really liked these ones. First of all, I love the design on the shoes. I like the red on the platform of the shoes since it balances out the overall look. Mid-cut also works with the design. Click here to explore more.

Let me know which shoes were your favorite!



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